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Credentialing with insurance companies

Let us take the headache away from you

Credentialing with insurance panels is a time consuming process.  Our staff is trained to provide this service in an efficient manner.  We investigate the local plans in your area and determine which panels are appropriate for you to join.  We will request the rates specific to your specialty to see if the panel reimburses adequately. Our staff will assist you in creating your unique CAQH profile for insurance panels to inquire.

Contracting with insurance panels is a service we provide to assist your practice to increase your patient volume.  We will only recommend insurance panels that are reputable and have a proven patient following.  All insurance panels and Employee Assistance Programs have their own time frame to credential new providers. Each panel differs in time and application.  Our fees are based on the time required to prepare the applications and process the paper work.  We follow-up with each individual plan after the initial submission to make sure that all of the appropriate paper work has been received and is processing. 

Becoming an in-network provider will greatly expand your practice.  Mental health providers also have the advantage to contract with Employee Assistance Programs.  This is a program that will allow your clients to utilize free sessions.  The EAP typically pays for the visit in full eliminating the need to collect co-pay or deductibles for your client.  The majority of the EAP's require their own paper work to submit claims.  It is
important to find a billing agencies who is familiar with the submission of EAP's.  A proven system for the submission of these unusual claims is important in order to guarantee payment.

If your office is growing and hiring new health care providers our experienced staff will assist in the application process.  Preparing the applications for signature and delivering through SFTP.  We will monitor your CAQH to ensure that you have your information updated.  

Newly licensed health care providers considering to open a solo practice must meet the insurance requirements to participate.

New Practice credentialing is available to establish your practice with the insurance panels. Our office will follow-up to ensure that the application is processing and provide a time line. Solo Providers or Group practices benefit greatly by our experienced staff members.

A monthly summary of the panels will be provided with the dates of follow-up as well as the date of in network status.  

Our office will provide direction on each panel and the claims submitting requirements in your state. We work closely with you or your staff during this process.

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