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Medical Billing Service

Increase revenue for the services you provide.

Increase Your Insurance Claim Revenue

  • Reduce your paper work utilizing our online portal.

  • Utilize our free appointment module which decreases missed claims and human inputerrors.

  • Receive EFT payments directly from the insurance.

  • Sign-up for ERA and eliminate the paper trail.


Do you have any of the following problems during your medical billing procedure?

  • Non-payment of claims

  • Outstanding A/R

  • Denied claims by insurance payers

  • Overabundance of paperwork

  • High staff turn over

  • Tired of updating billing software

  • Low reimbursement by insurance carriers

Let our staff assist you with your problems to allow your focus to be on patient care.

Receive insurance payments in 2 weeks from the date of service from many panels. We strive to reduce costs and streamline procedures for the services that you select in the quickest, most painless, and organized manner possible. Our intention is to alleviate the stress of operating a health care business so that you are able to continually and excellently treat your patients.

We have created a seamless process utilizing online portals and transferring information through SFTP.  Not only will our medical billing service improve your cash flow it will decrease the need for in-house staff.  


You will also benefit from:

  • Low start-up costs

  • No hardware or software to buy

  • Access to billing software 

  • Fast start-up 

  • Virtual assistant services available if you prefer to use your own software


Services Included with our Medical Billing:

  • Verification of patient insurance benefits.

  • Pre-Authorization is obtained when required.

  • Authorization tracking alerting office when a treatment plan is required.

  • Electronic Submission to insurance company

  • Re-submission of claims if not on file after first submission.

  • Appeal/Correction of incorrectly denied claims

  • Follow-up on incorrect insurance information

  • Submission of secondary claims

  • Posting of payments/adjustments from client and insurance

  • Patient/client statements if balance is due

  • Answering patient/client calls regarding their statement balance and insurance benefits.

  • Tracking of self-pay patient/client accounts if requested.

  • Access to customized reports

  • Secure access to billing program

  • We offer additional services to assist your practice.  

  • Our additional services are an extension of your office.

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