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Mental Health Billing Service

Specialized service for mental health providers

Medical Billing vs. Mental Health Billing

Mental Health billing is different than medical billing for other provider specialties.  Many times the insurance companies have contracted with a third party administrator to oversee the plan benefits for mental health, separate from their medical benefits.  Several EAP (employee assistance program) plans require their own individual forms that must be faxed or mailed with appropriate clinical information. The filing time limit is typically 30 to 60 days
for the EAP panels.  A typical billing company would have difficulty with Mental Health Billing unless they possess the experience in this specialty.


What we provide in our Mental Health Billing Service:

  • Verification of EAP benefits as well as regular mental health insurance.  Documentation is provided to the provider's office with the insurance benefit breakdown.

  • Initial authorization is put in place for the regular mental health insurance.

  • Tracking authorized visits and notifying the clinician when a treatment plan is required

  • Submission of insurance claims and EAP forms

  • Posting of payments and adjustments

  • Sending patient statements to collect any copay and deductibles that are not collected at the time of the visit.

  • Practice management reports to assist the providers office

  • Secured web access to billing software for you and your staff

For Mental Health EHR/Billing Systems we work with and recommend click here.

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