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Telehealth Help and Start-Up

All new billing contracts include a Telehealth Help and Start-Up Package

Due to the rapid spread of coronavirus and the decline of health, telehealth has been become more necessary at a much faster rate.  Due to this incline in need of telehealth services, we are offering packages to help providers become equipped with telehealth services as fast as possible.  

The following packages are offered:

Telehealth Start Up Services/Consulting- $500

 -$500 includes time spent on system setup, 1.5 hours to ask questions and receive instruction during a group meeting with a maximum of 4 individuals form a group.

  •  Any time over 1.5 hours will be billed at a rate of $100

  • Setup to include assistance with platform decision making (platform fees are typically monthly and require a subscription separate from PMCA)

  • Sample Telehealth consent forms

  • Billing and coding training.  A review of the current practice and services provided will also be reviewed as many are not billing accurately for services provided.

  • Insurance Verification training for staff members



Additional Services:

 - These can be added to your start up package or use separately 

  •  Explanation of Telehealth and the benefits for distribution to patients - $75

  • Verification of Benefits (VOB) - $15 - $25 per VOB

    • $15 each for Telehealth benefits only

    • $25 each for complete verification of benefits to include in office services as well as telehealth

  •  Consultation and review of office billing and coding - one hour - $150. 

Telehealth Help and Start-Up Services

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